100 Dollars From 3 Analysts For Litecoin Over 3 Days Later

100 Dollars From 3 Analysts For Litecoin Over 3 Days Later


Litecoin re-opened $ 100 on the block award half as it was approaching in August. Speaking to Forbes 3 names, the last view of Litecoin evaluated.


Litecoin recorded a significant increase over the past two days. Crypto money rose about 25 percent from $ 84 to $ 105.


According to the latest data from Binance, Litecoin is purchased and sold for $ 103.8.


Evaluating the latest increase in Litecoin, analysts drew attention to the upcoming block prize half, the rise in Bitcoin and strong market sentiment.

In the half-block of the prize award in August, Litecoin’s miners’ awards will drop from 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC. This is thought to be an upward pressure on the price of crypto money.

Acak The expectation that the price will rise due to the restriction of supply will increase demand in the previous months, olm said Derek Sorensen, a crypto-money company that spoke to Forbes. Even a small balloon may form after the half-life.

100 Dollars From 3 Analysts For Litecoin Over 3 Days Later

100 Dollars From 3 Analysts For Litecoin Over 3 Days Later

Joe DiPasquale, CEO of BitBull Capital, the crypto-money fund, described the upcoming half-life as a positive factor for the Litecoin price.

. The rise of Litecoin is probably the result of renewed confidence in the market due to the flexibility of Bitcoin, even if the SEC postpones the ETF decision,. Said DiPasquale. Litecoin is directly influenced by the market’s confidence in Bitcoin. Lit

On the other hand, analyst Jon Pearlstone withdrew when he tested an average of $ 100 a few weeks ago with an important technical level for the $ 100 Litecoin and the price a few weeks ago. Today, this level is being tested with a strong volume, including the substantial purchase of crypto money on major exchanges with Bitcoin. This gives the impression of a real upward movement targeting $ 125. It is important to watch the 100 dollar level closely. If the price falls below $ 100 after such a strong move, this could be a sign of danger. B├Âyle

Litecoin, the fifth largest crypto-money with market capitalization of about 6 billion 400 million dollars, is the fourth most heavily traded currency in the last 24 hours with a volume of more than $ 5 billion.

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