1105 People Died in The Last 24 Hours in The USA

1105 People Died in The Last 24 Hours in The USA

1105 People Died in The Last 24 Hours in The USA

In the United States, which ranks first in the number of coronavirus cases globally, the number of casualties is increasing day by day. A total of 1105 deaths occurred in the country in the last 24 hours. While the number of people who died due to the epidemic exceeded 60 thousand worldwide, our neighbor Georgia lost its first loss.

The coronavirus, which continues to spread to the world at full speed, continues to cause new casualties day by day. The USA is among the countries most affected by the virus. The number of people who lost their lives in the last 24 hours in the country increased by 1105 people, increasing the total number of deaths to 7 thousand 163.

The number of virus-borne cases worldwide has exceeded 1 million 140 thousand. Spain with 124 thousand 736 cases, Italy with 119 thousand 827 cases, Germany with 92 thousand 50 cases is followed by USA, which is in the first place with a total number of 278 thousand 568 cases. Our country is ranked 9th in this list with 23 thousand 934 cases announced by Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca last night.

New York

1105 People Died in The Last 24 Hours in The USA

In the USA, New York stands out as the center of the epidemic. The second region where the coronavirus is most effective in the country is New Jersey and the third region is Michigan. While the total number of cases in New York state is recorded as 103 thousand 169, New Jersey follows 29 thousand with 895 cases and Michigan with 12 thousand and 744 cases. In the loss-of-death list, New York ranks first with 2,935 deaths. New Jersey is second with 646 deaths, Michigan is third with 479 deaths.

The loss of lives worldwide has been recorded as 60 thousand 960 people. Italy is on the top of the list, with 14,681 deaths. Italy is followed by Spain with 11 thousand 744 deaths, France with 6 thousand 507 deaths, and England with 4 thousand 313 deaths. China, the first place of the epidemic, is on the sixth place of the list with 3,207 deaths. Turkey has a total of 501 vefatl 13. During the list. Let us remind you that the number of deaths for the states included in the USA is separate in this list. Our neighbor Georgia entered the list with the first loss of life. We will continue to transfer the updated data and news to you.

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