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Apple Watch vs OnePlus Watch: There’s no competition

Apple Watch vs OnePlus Watch: There's no competition

Apple Watch vs OnePlus Watch: There’s no competition

There’s one main motivation behind why these two smartwatches can’t be rivals. In any event not yet.

From the start it seems like the Apple Watch has a commendable rival in the new OnePlus Watch. First off, it has a smooth roundabout screen that looks more like a conventional wristwatch than the square Apple Watch. It additionally shares a great deal of a similar wellbeing highlights as the $400 Apple Watch Series 6 including SPO2 (or blood oxygen) following and high pulse alarms yet it costs $160. The OnePlus watch is even $40 less expensive than the passage level Series 3 Apple Watch, what begins at $200.

In any case, even with every one of these highlights and a less expensive value, the OnePlus Watch has one significant deficiency keeping it from contending comparable to the Apple Watch. It’s not yet viable with the iPhone.

iOS similarity: Worth the pause?

OnePlus says iOS similarity is going to the Watch later on, yet we don’t know precisely how it will function. Apple upholds matching non-Apple wearables to the iPhone, however the experience isn’t equivalent to utilizing the Apple Watch.

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