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Best business credit cards for March 2021


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Best business credit cards for March 2021

Best business credit cards for March 2021

Keep your business finances organized while earning cash back and travel rewards.

Business credit cards are designed to help small business owners manage their finances and earn rewards on spending. While some of these cards are specifically geared toward small business owners, the rewards and bonus offers are similar to those of consumer credit cards. The main differences are the reward spending categories, which are more business-oriented — including office supply stores, telecommunications and even social media or SEO services. Business credit cards may also allow you to manage additional cards for employees.

Like consumer credit cards, business credit cards most commonly come in the form of either cash-back rewards or travel rewards. Cash-back cards offer rewards in the form of cash or statement credit. A statement credit is basically a reduction of the amount you owe the issuer. A travel rewards credit card offers rewards in the form of miles or points. You can redeem miles or points either through the issuer’s travel portal for a small bonus or you can transfer them to a partner travel affiliate, like a hotel group or airline.


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