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How the iPhone killed the custom ringtone


How To Stop Spam Robocalls

159 read — 03 March 2021 19:50
How To Stop Spam Robocalls

How To Stop Spam Robocalls

It’s easier and cheaper than ever for companies to send spam robocalls. You can block them with apps and by understanding how the system works.

The Lede

Almost half of Americans receive spam robocalls on their cell phone every day. Annoying as they are, robocalls are tremendously profitable, and given the exploitability of the country’s caller ID system and court decisions siding with telemarketers, spam calls are on the rise. Here’s how you can stop them.

Key Details

  • Caller ID is at the root of the problem: invented in the ’80s, the system allows anyone to function as a carrier, while being unable to detect spammers.
  • Individuals lack little legal recourse, and this year, a Facebook robocalling case at the Supreme Court could make spam calls more pervasive if Facebook wins.
  • With carriers wary of regulating calls and the Do Not Call list applying only to live callers, the onus falls on individuals to use call-blocking apps like Nomorobo and YouMail.

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