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Match-winning Tactics for Fifa Mobile Gamers on the Phone

91 okunma — 12 April 2021 09:41
Match-winning Tactics for Fifa Mobile Gamers on the Phone

Match-winning Tactics for Fifa Mobile Gamers on the Phone

FIFA Mobile has over a hundred million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. It is one of the most popular apps in the sports category on the App Store. In order to survive in a game with such a high number of players, you need to have a very strong team. We examine the FIFA Mobile tactics you need to achieve this.
When it comes to football game, one of the two games that comes to mind is FIFA. It is an indisputable fact how big a market it has against its rival PES on the side of computer and game consoles. There is also the mobile side of the business. Considering how big a place smartphones occupy in our lives, it is very normal that FIFA is a product offered to players on the mobile side.

FIFA Mobile simplifies the Ultimate Team mode found on computers and consoles, making it into a shape that fits in our pockets. Like every FIFA game, FIFA Mobile has a structure that feeds on the competitive element. That’s exactly why there are tactics to keep in mind when playing FIFA Mobile. Let’s see what these tactics are.

FIFA Mobile tactics:

Pay attention to what is told in the academy,
Do staff engineering well,
Choose the right formation for your team,
Be careful while attending events,
Join the Seasons.
Use the market efficiently,

Pay attention to what is explained in the FIFA Mobile Academy:

FIFA Mobile welcomes us first with the training part called Academy. Here, basic information such as how the game is played, how to pass or shoot is explained. In addition to these, background related operations such as how to edit staff are also shown. In order to understand the game well and not get stuck in the continuation of our adventure, it is useful to complete the Academy part carefully.

Do staff engineering well:

Building a good team is the first thing to do to build a good football team. However, a good roster is not only built by sprinkling players with high overall ratings. Just as a good squad needs a good manager in real life, the same rule applies in FIFA Mobile. Therefore, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration while establishing a staff.

In FIFA Mobile, the overall rating of the team is calculated only on the players in our top eleven. As a result, the players try to get a strong team by putting the highest rated players they can find in the squad. However, the thing to do at this point is to create a team suitable for the football you want to play. To do this, choose a formation, taking into account the positions of the strongest players in your team.

Including choosing the right line-up for staff engineering:

There are very few formation options to choose from when the game is first started. At this stage, since the general ratings of the players in our squad are almost on the ground, it is not very important which formation we choose, but as our staff gets stronger in the future, we will have to choose a formation suitable for our staff. There is a main lineup of players who play FIFA Mobile well, and a plan b lineup that they choose in case things don’t go well.

When determining a formation according to our squad, we need to look at the detailed statistics of our players. Just looking at the overall ratings of the players can be misleading. For example, when we see a high overall rating of a midfield wing player, we can automatically assume that that player is a fast player. Consequently, we choose an arrangement with wings in the foreground. However, the attributes that cause the player to be highly rated may be attributes like passing or shooting instead of speed.

Likewise, we need to examine the defensive and offensive characteristics of the central midfielders rather than the overall rating. Especially in double center midfield lineups, the fact that both midfields are defensive or offensive means that we will show weakness in certain areas. In most scenarios, the right option is to play an offensive and a defensive midfield side by side.

Do not participate in every activity that comes your way:

In particular, the biggest weapon of mobile games that contain an element of competition is a variable called “energy” in order to prevent players from developing at an infinite pace. Almost everything you can do in the game consumes energy. You also have to wait a certain time for your energy to recharge. Why are we telling these? Because some activities consume energy as if there is no tomorrow.

If the events in FIFA Mobile are completed, it gives good rewards and takes away some of our energy. That’s why we need to pay attention to the events we will attend at the beginning. When deciding whether to attend an event or not, we need to compare the size of the reward given by the event and the amount of energy we need to spend. If we are not satisfied with the result, it is best to find another event to attend.

Join the Seasons:

Unlike events, we need to participate in Seasons the first time we can. We need to reach the eighth level to participate in the Seasons. But once you join, we understand what truly competitive FIFA Mobile is. Some competitors are so challenging that you can sometimes even question whether you know football or not. Of course, such difficulties have good returns.

The most effective and fastest method we can follow to participate in the Seasons, to earn money and to buy new players with the money we earn. In addition to all these, no matter how hard we get, we get strong clues about how the game should be played, and after a while, we start to be the tough rivals of the players we face.

Use the market efficiently:

FIFA Mobile also has a store that allows real money purchases, as in almost every mobile game. We are talking about the transfer zone, which the game calls the market, not the store. As in FUT, we can exchange players with other players in the mobile version of FIFA. However, since it is not that easy to earn in-game money, we have to spend here within a certain plan.

In order to use the market efficiently, first of all, we need to use the search function in the Market correctly. Thanks to the filters such as price and features that we can use at the search place, it is easier to find the best player for our budget and our team. Of course, the marketplace is not just a place to spend money. Likewise, it is a very useful place to make money.

Just as we pay when buying players from other players, we make money when we sell our own football players. It is necessary to prevent unnecessary swelling by removing the players who occupy space in your squad in vain. In this way, we both prevent confusion and earn a little income from the players standing idly by.

Here we come to the end of our article, where we take a look at the tips and tactics that should be in our minds while playing FIFA Mobile. If you wish, you can take a look at our FUT Draft guide we prepared for non-mobile FIFA. If you have FIFA Mobile experience, you can share your views about the game with us in the comments section.

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