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5 cloud systems where you can play games wherever there is internet

94 okunma — 09 April 2021 13:38
5 cloud systems where you can play games wherever there is internet

5 cloud systems where you can play games wherever there is internet

Cloud gaming technology, which we hear as “cloud gaming systems”, is a very new breakthrough that the gaming community sees as the “future”. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to play games without having an expensive computer or consoles, and sometimes even without having games. So what exactly is this “cloud gaming”? How it works, how are the prices; It is accessed from Turkey? We have answered these questions for you and briefly introduced 5 cloud game systems.
The dollar rate, which has increased in recent years, has tied the hands of players who want to follow new games and consoles. Many people just follow these innovations from YouTube videos. The new consoles, which we were previously waiting for as report card gifts, are now in small fortune values. That’s why, with the release of PS5, we started to hear rhetoric like “If we get 7, we get 5”. However, thanks to a new technology that has been developing in recent years, players who do not have the opportunity to buy a console or simply do not prefer to buy can access many console games.

Thanks to this new technology called “cloud gaming”, it is possible to reach hundreds of games without owning a game console. There are many services in the world that provide this opportunity. These services do not only play console games, but also allow you to play console versions of games that your computer does not remove. How Does? In our article “What is cloud gaming, what is it for?” We answered questions such as, we briefly introduced 5 successful cloud gaming services. Unfortunately, the article was added to our platforms with different methods that you can access these services because it is not very common in Turkey. Let’s take a look at the new blessing of the game world together.

What is cloud gaming?

Thanks to this technology that plays “cloud games”, you can play the game you want without the need for additional hardware. You connect to one of the services via a device such as a computer, TV, phone or tablet. You play the game you want by receiving data from consoles that you do not own, through the servers established by the service provider.

This is a very useful technology not only for those who do not own a console, but also for those whose computer is not enough to play some games. Let’s give an example on our classic computer power meter GTA 5: For example, you cannot play GTA 5 on your computer. Instead, you play the PlayStation 4 version of the game with an internet connection by connecting to the cloud system. You don’t need to download any extra files to play any game. For this, you need a very strong internet connection. For example, Google Stadia recommends an internet speed of at least 10 Mbps. Cloud point of the game we know how it works by serving in Turkey Let’s look at the cloud gaming service.

Nvidia GeForce Now


Bringing a new dimension to cloud gaming, Nvidia throws a separate computer for each subscriber. You download the games you buy from platforms such as Steam and Epic Games to the computer assigned to you in a very short time. Nvidia GeForce Now offers players 3 subscription options, one of which is free. Free membership gives 1 hour of game time each month and you have to wait in line to enter the game. You get RTX feature and unlimited time in Premium subscription. In the special offer for the launch, which is on sale until April 30, a 3-month subscription comes at a much more affordable price. Nvidia; It offers a wide range of platforms to users by supporting Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Nvidia Shield devices.

Microsoft xCloud:

XCloud, which can be used by players with Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, brings many console-specific games to mobile devices. Thanks to Game Pass, you can choose many low-priced or free games and use xCloud as much as you want. The service, which is still in beta version, can only be used on Android devices for now. Since it is intended only for mobile devices, it provides broadcast with 720p image quality at most. However, Microsoft says this technology is the future of the game world, and it is up to us to wait and follow the developments.



Another service that focuses on serving mobile devices is Vortex. Supporting Android 5 and higher versions, Vortex can also be used on Windows and macOS platforms. The operation is simple: You choose one of 3 subscription options. One of the selections offers 78 and the other two offer 170 games. The game time given to the user is determined as 50, 80 and 140 hours from cheap to expensive. Installing and updating games is on Vortex, but some games need to be pre-owned from platforms such as Steam. Grand Theft Auto 5 is an example of these games. Vortex, which you can use in our country, has HD image quality in all 3 subscription options. The Full HD feature will soon be brought to Pro and Ultra options.


PlayStation Now:


Ülkemizde resmi olarak hizmet vermese de PSNow’a herhangi bir ülkeden bağlanmak oldukça basit. PlayStation hesabınızı oluştururken ülke olarak Türkiye’yi seçmeniz yeterli, bunun dışında herhangi bir VPN ya da ‘crack’ gibi bir ekstra yazılıma ihtiyacınız yok. PS4 ve bilgisayardan erişim sağlanabilen sistemin sunduğu oyun sayısı 800’ün üzerinde. Bu oyunlar birçok PS2 ve PS3 oyununu da kapsıyor. Böylece hem yeni konsol oyunlarına kolayca erişiyor, hem de nostaljik oyunları emülatör gerekmeden oynayabiliyorsunuz. 7 gün ücretsiz deneme imkanı sunan servisin süre bazlı 3 abonelik seçeneği bulunuyor. PlayStation’un kullanım için önerdiği en düşük internet hızı ise 5 Mbps.


Google Stadia:


Google Stadia, one of the most popular in the industry, offers 2 different subscription options as well as a 1-month free trial. The cloud gaming service provides 4K HDR 60 fps images and 5.1 surround sound provided a good internet speed is provided. Stadia Pro, which receives monthly payments, offers the user many games that are both free and available for purchase. In addition, as long as you subscribe, free games continue to come every month and your number of games is increasing. There is also a subscription option called Stadia Premiere for those who want to buy at once. With this option, you become a Stadia member for an unlimited time after you make a payment. However, you have to buy every game you want to play. Google Stadia also offers a specially designed game controller for its players. With this remote, you can easily control Stadia’s features. This service is not yet available in our country, but we hope it will come to many countries as cloud games become widespread. However, it is possible to enter from unsupported countries with VPN. We have come to the end of the article where we examined cloud gaming services, which are successful and some of which can be accessed from our country. As this technology develops, we hope it will become more available and widespread. Cloud games, which save many people time and money, may soon become widespread in our country and many services start to serve here as well. Do you think cloud gaming deserves this attention? Have you subscribed to one of the cloud-based gaming services before? Do not forget to share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments section!

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