A giant asteroid approaching Earth

A giant asteroid approaching Earth

A giant asteroid approaching Earth


A giant asteroid approaching Earth. NASA measures the size of the pyramid of Cheops, and a potentially dangerous asteroid, announced that the end of the month will pass very close to Earth.

It is estimated that the asteroid will travel through our planet at a distance of about 100 million kilometers.┬áIt is stated that the asteroid called ÔÇť2019 OU1 ├žap has a diameter of 160 meters and that it is 20 meters larger than the Pyramid of Cheops. On August 28, 2019 OU1 will be 40 times closer to Earth than the planet Venus. Asteroid will ÔÇśtangent ge├ž the Earth at a distance of 100 million km.

Previously, the European Space Agency (ESA) renewed the list of potentially dangerous space objects for the Earth. According to the list, September 9, 2019, the 2006QV89 asteroid is seen as the most likely date to collide with the Earth.

Experts of the agency, the probability of collision with the asteroid Earth evaluates as 1 in 7 thousand. The 2006QV89 is currently navigating 6.7 million kilometers away from Earth. At the top of the list of potential hazards is the 2010RF12 asteroid. The asteroid in question will be in a very dangerous distance to Earth in 2095 and the probability of collision is estimated to be one in 16.

A giant asteroid approaching Earth


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