A Hacker Group Launches 73 Million User Data on the Dark Web

A Hacker Group Launches 73 Million User Data on the Dark Web

A Hacker Group Launches 73 Million User Data on the Dark Web

The hacker group ShinyHunters stole millions of user data in 10 different companies’ databases and sold them. It is reported that the attacks carried out by the group are carried out on a larger scale and faster than it is seen.

Cyber ​​attacks have become one of the biggest threats today. Vulnerabilities in apps cause hackers to capture information from millions of users. In this context, it turned out that a hacker group called ShinyHunters recently acquired about 73.2 million user information from various applications and sites.

ShinyHunters illegally sells user information captured from the database of 10 different companies on the dark web. It was reported that one of the cyber attacks targeted Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest online store last week.

A hacker group captured millions of registered user information from 10 different companies

A Hacker Group Launches 73 Million User Data on the Dark Web

While some databases have not been validated, ZDNet has found that some of the hijacked user records match the actual records. Researchers in the community think the data they sell are real, claiming that ShinyHunters has taken over. The number of organizations and user information captured by the hacker group is as follows:

Matchmaking application Zoosk (30 million user records)
Print service Chatbooks (15 million user registration)
South Korean fashion platform SocialShare (6 million user registrations)
Food delivery service Home Chef (8 million user registration)
Online market Minted (5 million user registration)
Online newspaper Chronicle of Higher Education (3 million user records)
South Korean furniture magazine GGuMim (2 million user records)
Health magazine Mindful (2 million user records)
Indonesian online store Bhinneka (1.2 million user registration)
StarTribune newspaper (1 million user registration)

The databases listed include 73.2 million user records, and cyber attackers sell each database separately for a total of $ 18,000. ShinyHunters is believed to be linked to the hacker group Gnosticplayers, which was active last year and sold the credentials of more than one billion users in the dark web markets.

Cyber ​​attacks are bigger and faster than expected

A Hacker Group Launches 73 Million User Data on the Dark Web

ShinyHunters also claimed last week that Microsoft stole 500 GB of data from GitHub repositories. However, it is suggested that the data obtained from GitHub does not contain any sensitive information. The focus of the action is money, as in many security breaches. However, the scale and speed of the attacks are remarkable.

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