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A Youtuber breaks into SpaceX rocket plant Nasa reacts sharply

312 Read — 09 April 2021 13:15
A Youtuber breaks into SpaceX rocket plant Nasa reacts sharply

A Youtuber breaks into SpaceX rocket plant Nasa reacts sharply

A YouTuber with 269 subscribers entered SpaceX’s rocket launch center in Texas. YouTuber, who did not encounter any security importance, took advantage of the opportunity and managed to enter the bottom of Starship’s SN11 prototype. This incident broke NASA and SpaceX.
A video served on YouTube last month broke NASA and SpaceX. In the video in question, a YouTuber, with only 269 subscribers, was swinging into the area in Texas, where SpaceX was testing Starship rockets, and was walking around the SN11 prototype, which was launched a while after the video was released, but did not survive the launch.

The video shared on the YouTube channel called Loco VlogS was ignored at first stage. Because many people were unaware that such a video existed. In fact, that video had only 100 likes before it was removed from YouTube. But even though the video escaped users’ eyes, SpaceX, NASA, and even the US Federal Aviation Administration were aware of this interesting event.

Why is the facility in Texas important to NASA?

It goes without saying why the rocket facility in Texas is so important to SpaceX. After all, this facility is home to Starship prototypes designed by SpaceX to transport people to Mars. However, the work at the facility is not limited to this. SpaceX is also working on NASA’s project that will bring people to the moon in this facility. In addition, it is obvious that there are hundreds of millions of dollars worth of technologies in such a facility, and the slightest security vulnerability that may be experienced can destroy the power of the USA in space. Despite all this, SpaceX does not protect the facility in question with as high security as expected. The image above is the clearest demonstration of this.

Taking the opportunity of SpaceX to ignore the facility security, YouTuber argues that he knows that the incident was illegal, but he will not have such an opportunity again in an apology video he published last week. In fact, there is no side of the incident that can be underestimated. Because this YouTuber gets close enough to almost touch even the rocket’s engines, as he takes a close-up shot of the SN11 prototype. YouTuber, after the event was revealed, the video in question continues to be served on other YouTube channels.

Video of YouTuber entering SpaceX’s rocket facility

In the statements made by NASA spokesperson Monica Witt, it was stated that the incident was addressed and that there were provisions regarding the protection of everything related to the work within the scope of the agreement with SpaceX. Saying that SpaceX provided them with information on the issue, Witt stated that the investigations regarding the incident are being carried out in every aspect. The US Federal Aviation Administration announced that the protection of a rocket facility is one of the important aspects of ensuring public safety. SpaceX, on the other hand, has not made a statement on this issue, at least for the moment.

By the way, this is not the first time in SpaceX history. A fan who entered SpaceX’s Texas facility in 2019, took a photo next to a prototype prepared in those years and served this photo on his social media accounts. The man, who was investigated, was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment, albeit for a short time. What will happen in the last incident is currently unknown.

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