Advertising Period Begins On WhatsApp!

Advertising Period Begins On WhatsApp!

Advertising Period Begins On WhatsApp!


Facebook, which aims to increase the earnings from Whatsapp, decided to start a new advertising activity in this context. The details are in our news.


Here are details about the decision to be discussed much by the firm;


As it is known, Facebook had bought Whatsapp over the past years and added it. Now, Facebook, Whatsapp application is trying to increase earnings. It was decided to include ads on the platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. in the Whatsapp application.
Advertising Period Begins On WhatsApp!

Advertising Period Begins On WhatsApp!

Android and iPhone-compatible Whatsapp application to start showing ads starting from 2020 was expressed. Just like in Instagram’s stories section, the Whatsapp status section will include ads that fill the entire screen. The status of people will include advertisements of advertisers, and in this case the relevant intenet links will be included. How to do more different advertising applications in Whatsapp is still unclear. However, it is thought that there might be advertising even in speeches.

Whatsapp It is stated that ads that are directly connected to these accounts will be published in Facebook and Instagram in order to multiply the efficiency of Busıness. You can also view products and browse catalogs in Whatsapp while messaging about products.

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Advertising Period Begins On WhatsApp!
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