Amazon purchases independent vehicle startup Zoox

Amazon purchases independent vehicle startup Zoox

Another self-driving unicorn is acquired to pasture as Amazon wagers huge on the fate of self-driving.

Amazon purchases independent vehicle startup Zoox

Amazon has consented to obtain self-governance startup Zoox for a total in overabundance of $1 billion, as indicated by sources refered to by The Data. The news comes hot closely following a Money Road Diary report a month ago showing that such talks were occurring. The arrangement, affirmed in an Amazon blog entry, would esteem Zoox at essentially lower than the $3.2 billion valuation it got during a subsidizing round in 2018. In any case, given the present status of the economy, a seven-digit payout is nothing to sniff at.

Amazon purchases independent vehicle startup Zoox

Zoox, which discreetly began work six years prior, burst into the open cognizance a year ago less gratitude to its innovation but instead a claim. Tesla affirmed that the organization inappropriately obtained restrictive documentation alongside some poached staff.

Go in the background of the Rivian-manufactured Amazon electric conveyance van

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