Angelyne, LA’s Corvette-driving announcement sovereign, discusses her past, present and future vehicles

Angelyne, LA’s Corvette-driving announcement sovereign, discusses her past, present and future vehicles

What’s more, indeed, she’s getting Chevy’s new mid-motor Corvette one year from now.

Regardless of whether you don’t live in Los Angeles, you’ve likely known about Angelyne. She’s a hot-pink tribute to fabulousness and abundance, and oneself announced bulletin sovereign is ostensibly the first online networking influencer. She’s been an installation of LA culture since her bulletins previously showed up in the mid 1980s, and each and every day, you can locate her driving around the city she adores – in her pink Corvette.

Seven days after I moved to California, I saw Angelyne driving her C7 Corvette down Nightfall Lane. (I likewise observed a Brabus G-Class at a similar convergence, which is a very LA blend.) Her announcements probably won’t line the lanes of Hollywood like they used to, however wherever she goes, she’s a star. Individuals blare and wave at her on the 101 interstate. Catch her in an Espresso Bean and Tea Leaf parking garage and she’ll sell you some merchandise from the storage compartment of her vehicle. Need an image? Twenty bucks.

Angelyne, LA’s Corvette-driving announcement sovereign, discusses her past, present and future vehicles

Angelyne’s recorded tunes and had little jobs in motion pictures like Earth Young ladies Are Simple, and you may recall when she had a good time with Moby in her C5 Corvette in the We Are Completely Made Of Stars music video. There’s a biopic about her in progress, as well. Be that as it may, in the event that you approach her what she’s renowned for, she’ll let you know: for being popular. She is the encapsulation of the LA dream. Look at this CNET cut from 1996, when Angelyne even propelled a site offering virtual voyages through the city she cherishes.

“I go all over the place,” Angelyne let me know during a telephone meet (that she took from inside her vehicle, natch). “I go up to Santa Clause Barbara, Ventura, Malibu. I love to drive my vehicle and anyplace I drive, it’s supernatural. I get into this reflective state. No limitations for me!”

Angelyne’s been driving Corvettes for over three decades, and she says it’s the main vehicle she needs. Ferraris or Lamborghinis never did it for her. The exotics are simply excessively (and, we should not overlook, too costly).

“The Corvette’s the American dream,” Angelyne says. “It’s simply got the most magnificent vibe. It’s agreeable. It’s a neighborly vehicle. It cherishes me. For me it’s a celebrated muscle vehicle. It’s alluring.”

The entirety of Angelyne’s Corvettes are exclusively painted at Andre’s Auto Body in North Hollywood, and she has last endorsement over the shading. “It’s been insane to get the shading right,” she says. At first, she attempted to coordinate the pink on one of Barbie’s vehicles – “Barbie consistently needed to be me,” Angelyne keeps up – however that didn’t work. “The first occasion when that I gave [the painter] the shading to coordinate he didn’t blend the neon right so it went from hot pink to salmon pink.” So all things being equal, “I gave him a lip print and he coordinated that. Gracious I am disclosing to you it’s been some hellacious procedure to get this shading recipe on the money.”

Throughout the years, Angelyne’s particular pink tint has advanced. “I’ve had various shades of pink, which I like,” she says. In any case, she wasn’t really infatuated with it from the beginning. Directly before getting her first Corvette, she says, “I was thrashing around intuition, ‘Goodness my god, everyone’s going to see me. Goodness my god, everybody’s going to be taking a gander at me. What do I do?’ It was alarming. And afterward once I got it, I got dependent on the consideration, and I get it’s useful for everyone since individuals love it.”

Angelyne, LA’s Corvette-driving announcement sovereign, discusses her past, present and future vehicles

“Once I got it, I got addicted to the attention, and I guess it’s good for everybody because people love it.”


Furthermore, therefore the first influencer was conceived.

From that point forward, Angelyne’s had 10 Corvettes. She talked affectionately of every one of them, enlightening me concerning how her C5 Corvette got 25 miles for each gallon yet her C7 is just getting 19, and that the most miles she’s at any point put on any of her vehicles was 200,000, however she didn’t determine which one. Angelyne even confessed to driving one of her Corvettes 163 mph, however who knows where, and she says to never accomplish something to that effect during a vehicle’s break-in period, except if you need the motor to blow at 80,000 miles. (Ask her how she knows.)

“This is my tenth vehicle,” she says of her most recent C7. She hasn’t had a specific most loved throughout the years, however recollects each one. “I had a fantasy that every one of my vehicles stayed with me from the past to state hello. Isn’t excessively pleasant?”

At the present time, Angelyne has three Corvettes – two C7s and a C6 – which are dealt with by one of her aides. (“Such a large number of vehicles, so brief period” is his aphorism, she says.) She normally sells her vehicles following a couple of years, yet she’s intending to clutch one of her C7s for some time – or until the correct offer comes up, in any case.

“My 2008 Corvette was in The Fiasco Craftsman,” Angelyne let me know. “Miley Cyrus needed to purchase that vehicle. I was going to sell it, and she didn’t offer enough cash. I don’t have the foggiest idea why. She was super amped up for getting it. Lamentably, I didn’t take her offer, and afterward it went in The Fiasco Craftsman, so it’s worth more cash. I had a proposal from a person in Dubai for $800,000 for that vehicle, yet I didn’t take it since I could make it worth very much more.” I ask her the amount she believes it’s worth now, yet before she can expound any further, Angelyne stops our discussion to accept a call from her legal advisor. “Wish me karma!”

Angelyne, LA’s Corvette-driving announcement sovereign, discusses her past, present and future vehicles

“Pink is such a loud color already. I don’t really want a loud car.”


Shouldn’t something be said about the C8 Corvette? Without a doubt Angelyne has seen Chevy’s new saint. However, with its mid-motor format and supercar looks, it’s sort of an alternate creature. Truly, I expected Angelyne to scream with fervor when I brought it up, yet there’s really a long respite before a moan and a, “Well…”

Angelyne’s not in adoration with the mid-motor plan. “My anxiety however is, you know, I drive a ton and I like it calm. Also, pink is such a boisterous shading as of now. I don’t generally need a boisterous vehicle,” Angelyne says. “I don’t have a clue whether the motor is going to be delicate enough for me.”

I at that point propose that maybe she could get the convertible, where the motor wouldn’t really be resounding in the lodge so a lot, yet she rapidly excuses that thought. “I have dazzling white alabaster skin and I prefer to keep it as such. I don’t wanna get burned from the sun.”

Her other huge concern? Agreeable seats. In any case, taking into account the amount she drives, that sounds good to me. At the point when this entire COVID-19 wreck is finished, I reveal to her I’ll bring her a C8 and we can go for a ride together. “You can drive me around!” Chevy, I trust you’re understanding this.

In any case, even with this wavering, Angelyne’s unquestionably going to get a C8. At the point when I inquire as to whether she’s settled on a choice, she quickly livens up. “Um… what do you think?!” she shouts.

Try not to hope to see Angelyne’s new C8 out and about at any point in the near future, however. “I believe I’m going to hold up until next September [2021]. I’m going to custom request it at that point,” she says. “I need a 2022, which is my fortunate number, 22. At that point I’ll have four vehicles.”

She’s 69 years of age, yet Angelyne has no aim of easing back down – actually or metaphorically. Notwithstanding the previously mentioned biopic, she says she’s chipping away at her own narrative, and it highlights looks at all of her Corvettes. You can purchase a wide range of product on her site, including a ride around the city, however she’s suspended those for the present, what with the pandemic what not.

At long last, I ask her what she prefers best about the Corvette. What’s the one thing she adores more than everything else?

“It’s me driving it!”

Obviously. That is Angelyne.

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