Apple Patents Fingerprint Sensor Embedded in Screen

Apple Patents Fingerprint Sensor Embedded in Screen

Apple Patents Fingerprint Sensor Embedded in Screen

Apple has received a patent for new iPhone models, which it plans to release next year. This patent shows that Apple is seriously considering the use of a fingerprint scanner embedded in the new iPhone.

A few months ago, the US-based technology giant Apple introduced the iPhone 11 series to consumers and began work on new iPhone models, which are expected to be launched next year. Reports to date show that the iPhone 12 series will be more exciting than the iPhone 11 series in particular. A new patent from Apple carries the clues that the iPhone 12 will be full of innovations.

Apple’s new patent, the screen shows the embedded fingerprint scanner. However, this patent works a bit differently than Apple’s Touch ID system. Apple’s new fingerprint reader patent shows that iPhone owners will now be able to read their fingerprints optically. This patent is similar to the reader sensor of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which Apple recently launched.

Patent showing that the embedded fingerprint reader is also available for iPhones

Apple Patents Fingerprint Sensor Embedded in Screen

Apple Patents Fingerprint Sensor Embedded in Screen

Apple, the new patent for the information presented, a touch screen can be used as a sensor if necessary, he says. This shows that other manufacturers of smartphones with Android have been working on a technology like the fingerprint reader sensors on the screen. Moreover, Apple, this technology can change the overall appearance of the screen says.

According to the information contained in the patent documents of the technology giant, this sensor will detect the data of users’ fingerprints and transmit them to a controller. The controller will deactivate the screen lock after matching the data received from the sensor to the existing data. This way, users can read their fingerprints with great speed and unlock the screen of their iPhone.

Information about Apple’s new patent is still very limited. However, the patent shows that iPhone IDs can be replaced with Face IDs next year. However, Apple may prefer to use both Face ID and Touch ID on the new iPhone, which is much more likely. However, the new system that Apple is working on, is an additional cost for iPhones should not be forgotten.

We still need to wait a long time before we can meet the new iPhone models of the technology giant Apple. However, as time passes and Apple’s product launch date approaches, we can say that more information about the new iPhone models will emerge, and we will begin to understand better what Apple’s plans for the new iPhones are.

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