Bill Gates: Announced for COVID-19 Vaccine

Bill Gates: Announced for COVID-19 Vaccine

Bill Gates: Announced for COVID-19 Vaccine

Bill Gates supports seven different COVID-19 vaccines tested worldwide by spending billions of dollars. Gates said that instead of providing support for each vaccine test individually, he preferred to support seven promising vaccines at the same time.

The work that has been vaccinated against the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that has spread to the world and has caused the death of 58.937 people since its emergence in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China continues at full speed. Founded in the name of Microsoft and its spouse, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the foundation has reportedly provided billions of dollars in support for seven promising vaccine trials worldwide.

Gates, who hosted Trevor Noah on Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ on Thursday, gave a 22-minute talk about the new coronavirus and the fight against it. It is stated that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports the factories where seven different vaccine tests are performed at the same time, instead of providing support for vaccine trials one by one.

A few billion dollars will be wasted

Bill Gates: Announced for COVID-19 Vaccine

Expressing that they will ultimately choose two vaccines, they provide financial support for seven trials, Gates argued that they will avoid wasting time. Gates added that they would waste ‘a few billion dollars’ for vaccines that would not be elected for this reason. Gates thinks that from an economic perspective, spending a few billion dollars to save time is ‘worth it’, given that there are trillions to lose.

Gates said “Every month matters,” said the foundation’s CEO, Mark Suzman Bill & Melinde, to help the COVID-19 Therapeutic Accelerator, which is part of the Gates Foundation, identify potential owner immunotherapies in the treatment of COVID-19 pandemics last week at Washington University, Oxford University and La Jolla Institute of Immunology. announced that it has donated $ 20 million for clinical trials.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation previously donated $ 100 million to combat coronavirus. Gates, who recently participated in a question-and-answer event, said that it would take up to 10 weeks for the number of cases to decrease throughout the United States, saying, “No one can continue normal operation or be comfortable with isolation until the case decreases.”

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