Bird Sounds Can Be Used For The Protection Of Species At Risk

Bird Sounds Can Be Used For The Protection Of Species At Risk

Bird Sounds Can Be Used For The Protection Of Species At Risk

Scientists think that bird sounds can be used in studies on endangered birds. Bird sounds can provide important information in investigating species at risk.

The melodies of bird sounds may vary depending on the breeding season of the birds. Researchers from the University of Alberta have discovered that by analyzing the sounds of birds, they can predict their reproductive status.

An article was published in January showing the results of a study conducted in Ecosphere magazine. The published article showed the analysis of bird sounds as a way to help protect bird species at risk.

Emily Upham-Mills, the lead author of the article, explained that breeding status of birds is very difficult and costly by watching bird nests. “If we can only listen to one bird and determine its condition, we can take that information and expand it over an entire area, and look at habitats with many birds that are successful in breeding,” said Mills.

The researchers state that this method can be used to detect the reproductive status of birds or to identify habitats in which birds cannot reproduce. The information to be revealed by this method can show why the population of certain bird species has decreased and how they can be protected.

Bird Sounds Can Be Used For The Protection Of Species At Risk

Bird Sounds Can Be Used For The Protection Of Species At Risk

Emily Upham-Mills studied the sounds of 28 male olive hummingbirds in some areas in northern Canada in 2018. Olive hummingbird birds were identified as at risk by the Endangered Wildlife Status Committee in Canada in 2007. According to the Flight Partners network, only 900,000 olive hummingbirds remained in the world in 2013.

Scientists do not know why the population of this bird species is decreasing. However, the disappearance of forests, decreasing numbers of insects and the increase in the number of dwellings may cause the population of these birds to decrease.

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Upham-Mills and his team were able to collect a total of 500 minutes of hummingbird bird sounds, not exceeding 5 minutes each. The research team was able to obtain much more data thanks to the automatic recognition software they created with the data they obtained. The team will analyze these records in their future work.

Researchers say that one of the reasons for male crowing is attracting female birds. The male bird that matches a female bird is thought to be less likely to crow. Birds also use their voices as a warning against predators.

Upham-Mills plans to do more research with the data it has obtained. Upham-Mills said other scientists could track different species using similar methods. ÔÇťMany animals use sounds, and sounds mean something,ÔÇŁ says Upham-Mills. As soon as we realize the connection between their situation and the sounds they make, we can start learning more about them. ÔÇŁ

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