Call Saving Feature Comes to Android

Call Saving Feature Comes to Android

Call Saving Feature Comes to Android

Being one of the most used smartphone operating systems in the world, Android has a feature that allows the conversation to be recorded and shared during phone calls.

The phone call, which allows two different people at two different points to communicate by voice, is the main reason for the invention of the phone. Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell, this technology has developed over time and has become an indispensable part of our lives with electronic devices called smart phones.

Calls on Google’s mobile operating system Android, which is one of the leading technology sector giants, are made through Android’s Phone application. It turns out that Android’s Phone app will have a rather important feature that has been expected by its users for a long time.

Call recording feature comes to Android

Call Saving Feature Comes to Android

For the Android operating system, it was revealed that Google was on a call recording feature earlier this year, and we shared it with you in our news. According to details noticed this week, Google may have released this feature for some Nokia smartphones in India.

The fact that Google shares a guide on how to use call recording in the Telephone application on its own support site, where users show solutions to their problems, supports this claim. It is seen that the use of call recording is explained step by step in the screenshots of the guide, which was removed from the site some time after its publication.

Call Saving Feature Comes to Android

According to the support page of the US-based company, the device must have at least Android 9 or above version and use the most up-to-date version of the Phone app to use this feature. The thing that attracts attention here is that Google uses the phrase “on supported device and country or region” in the Phone app section.

While there is no more detailed information about the supported devices and countries or regions, we can say that the phone call recording feature with the Phone application will not be available in all countries. The registration process, which is as easy as pressing the registration button on the screen, asks you to accept that you are responsible for complying with local laws during the first use.

Warning is given to the other party while recording the call

Call Saving Feature Comes to Android

However, when you start call recording with the Phone application, the person you are talking to will hear a voice message saying that this call was being recorded. This is how Google prevents this feature from being used with the intent to record searches confidentially.

When the call recording is paused, a similar voicemail is transmitted to the other party and informs that the call was not recorded from this point onwards. It is also underlined that this feature cannot be started before the phone call starts or when the other party mutes the call.

To listen to the calls recorded in the device, after clicking on the caller’s name in the Last Calls section of the Phone application, the call log can be listened to, deleted or shared via message / e-mail.

Google’s removal on the support page after publishing the document related to this feature may indicate that the call recording feature with the Phone application will be available to users soon.

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