Car Of The Future Citroen 19_19 Concept

Car Of The Future Citroen 19_19 Concept

Car Of The Future Citroen 19_19 Concept


The design Citroen 19_19 Concept, which represents the future vision of the French manufacturer, seems to be a candidate for the future car with interesting features.


Lastly, Citroen managed to attract attention with the Ami One Concept launched in February, and now we have 19_19 Concept which has an interesting design.


Remarking as a 19_19 Concept project, which is almost reminiscent of the tools used in science fiction films, Citroen is again in front of the car lovers with an unusual design. French manufacturer offers independent seating in each seat and wants to offer high level comfort to its users. Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, such as suspension technology, autonomous driving technologies and interacting with people like the proactive personal assistant innovating innovations such as the end of the innovative design of the vehicle.


Thanks to the concept vehicle dimensions 19_19


The length of which is 4.655 mm, width is 2.240 mm, height is 1.600 mm and the wheelbase is 3.100 mm. The image of the 19_19 Concept, which attracts great interest, resembles a capsule. The large wheels at the corners of the body of the vehicle make the vehicle look very imposing, while the large wheelbase allows large batteries. In addition to the concept vehicle, there are many interesting and innovative technologies. The black panels on the side of the vehicle come into play by recognizing the approaching user. These black panels display some information about the vehicle, such as a personal assistant, and inform the driver. The Citroen 19_19 Concept features two LIDAR (laser-sensing measuring systems) at the rear of the ceiling, which is very noteworthy for the color Rosalie Blue. Each passenger has a special armchair that responds to his or her comfort requirements.

Car Of The Future Citroen 19_19 Concept

Car Of The Future Citroen 19_19 Concept

Passengers can customize the vehicle according to the wishes of the passengers can play video games, books or magazines can read and order food. With its advanced voice command system that can detect the language of the day, it offers many innovations to its users. 19_19 The concept comes on the road with Citroen’s fully electric power train. From 0 to 100 km / h in just 5 seconds, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 200 km / h. 19_19 Two electric motors, one on the front axle and the other on the rear axle, are used to activate the Concept. With the fast charging technology, the vehicle can only offer a range of up to 600 km with a 20-minute charge.

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Car Of The Future Citroen 19_19 Concept
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