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Goodness, financial backers in reality gave $7.5 million


Clay Travis and Buck Sexton to fill Rush Limbaugh’s radio space

252 read — 28 May 2021 09:30
Clay Travis and Buck Sexton to fill Rush Limbaugh's radio space

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton to fill Rush Limbaugh’s radio space

The pined for radio space left by the passing of Rush Limbaugh has tracked down its new voices. Mud Travis and Buck Sexton are set to assume control over the late host’s moderate three-hour show, Premiere Networks reported Thursday.

“The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show” will air non-weekend days from 12-3 p.m. ET starting June 21, with an end goal to supplant the opening left from the discussion titan’s passing.

“Limbaugh is indispensable, yet we’re certain (Travis and Buck) will proceed with his heritage by conveying their own image of clever, educated and engaging live radio,” Premiere Networks President Julie Talbott said in a public statement.

Travis presently has Fox Sports Radio’s “Outkick The Coverage with Clay Travis” and is organizer of media organization Sexton is host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” a political observer and previous CIA official and NYPD counterterrorism master.

The pair vows to “carry on the custom of Rush Limbaugh and carry truth to the majority,” Sexton said in the delivery.

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The new show will air on many stations the nation over and will likewise be accessible as a digital recording on the iHeartRadio Podcast Network.

Since Limbaugh’s passing in February, the schedule opening has been loaded up with visitor hosts and old tapes of Limbaugh. He passed on at age 70 after a fight with cellular breakdown in the lungs, a finding he reported himself on his show in 2020. He facilitated “The Rush Limbaugh Show” from 1988 until weeks before his passing in 2021.

A Republican traditionalist and big fan of previous President Donald Trump as far as possible, Limbaugh was among Trump’s most noticeable empowering influences of his bombed exertion to topple the aftereffects of the 2020 official political decision with outlandish cases of casting a ballot misrepresentation.

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Limbaugh’s show was the most tuned in to live radio station in the USA, bringing a combined week after week crowd of about 15.5 million audience members at his top, as per Talkers’ following. “Nobody beats Rush in the political news live radio organization – he’s No. 1,” Harrison said.

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