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Critical Christmas warning to WhatsApp users!

123 read — 04 December 2021 13:58
Critical Christmas warning to WhatsApp users!

Critical Christmas warning to WhatsApp users!

Experts stated that hacking attacks increased during the Christmas period and shared their advice on WhatsApp security.

Cybersecurity experts warned WhatsApp users to secure their accounts. He stated that hacking attacks carried out by hackers online increased exponentially during the Christmas period.

Experts stated that the risk of losing WhatsApp accounts is greater during the Christmas period. It was also underlined that WhatsApp is one of the most secure messaging applications, but that full protection cannot be provided without additional measures. In this context, cyber security experts explained what we should do to secure our messages.

Be skeptical of spam messages from WhatsApp

Critical Christmas warning to WhatsApp users!

The most effective way to protect your account: Do not open messages that you have no idea from. If a relative or friend has something to say to you, they can call. However, a hacker trying to take over your WhatsApp account will never call you. He will reach you via message to take the action he wants from you.

So beware of numbers you don’t recognize. At the same time, do not open messages with links that seem to come from your friend immediately. First, call the sender and ask if he really sent it. In this way, you will ensure both yourself and your friend.

“Keep your registration code or two-step verification PIN private, never share it with anyone else,” Chris Hauk, who works at security team Pixel Privacy, told The Sun. Expressing that you need to use face recognition or fingerprint lock on your smartphone, Hauk also said that the two-step verification feature should be kept on.

Stating that you should always have the device on which your WhatsApp account is installed, Chris Hauk said, “In addition to locking your device, this will also prevent others from using your WhatsApp account.”

How to turn on WhatsApp two-step verification for extra security?

Use the two-step verification method to prevent unauthorized access to your WhatsApp messages and account. With this feature, you can set a 6-digit PIN code that will be requested from you when registering for the application. Thus, the person trying to enter your account without your knowledge will not be able to access your WhatsApp because they will not know this code.

To enable two-step verification:

  • Open WhatsApp settings.
  • Go to Account > Two-Step Verification.
  • Press the Activate button.
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