DayZ Is Coming To PS4!

DayZ Is Coming To PS4!

DayZ Is Coming To PS4!


Developer Bohemia Interactive announced the release of DayZ PlayStation 4.


Developer Bohemia Interactive has announced that DayZ PlayStation 4 will be released on May 29th. Multiplayer battle royale game is currently available on Xbox One and PC.


DayZ is coming to PS4!


An unknown virus spreading in the former Soviet Union, Chernarus, crippled the majority of the population. Because of the war for the resources, hostility arose between the survivors and the collapse of humanity began. How long can you survive as a person with immunity to the virus?

dayz, using each of the 60 players on the server where all the possibilities try to survive as long as brutal, original online game is an open world. No superficial tips, bookmarks, in-game training or help.

DayZ Is Coming To PS4!

DayZ Is Coming To PS4!

With the ability to save the game and the extra souls, every error carries the danger of death. If you fail, you lose everything and start over.

For’ll never know what is behind the next corner or gather material dayz open wander the world does not feel safe any time. Hostile interactions with players or fighting in a violent air can easily turn into tense moments of realistic emotions.

On the other hand, meeting a friendly player in DayZ could be the beginning of a lifelong friendship. It creates a unique, completely original and exclusive gaming experience of choices and decisions from other multiplayer games. This is DayZ, this is your story.

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