DHL Started Shipping Service With ‘Smart Drone’!

DHL Started Shipping Service With 'Smart Drone'!

DHL Started Shipping Service With ‘Smart Drone’!


DHL Express and EHang made a strategic partnership in China for delivery solution with drone. The developed system makes it possible to reduce the single-sided delivery time from 40 minutes to 8 minutes.


DHL Express and intelligent autonomous aircraft manufacturer EHang have signed a strategic partnership. In the big cities of China, the company will be able to send cargo with full automatic and intelligent drones in partnership with door to door delivery. According to the information given, DHL was the first international fast air transport company in China to provide drone delivery services.


DHL started shipping service with ‘smart drone’!


DHL Express, the international service provider in the field of transport, reduces the cost of delivery by less than 80% per delivery, thanks to the system that reduces the single-sided delivery time from 40 minutes to 8 minutes, while reducing the energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint.

DHL Started Shipping Service With 'Smart Drone'!

DHL Started Shipping Service With ‘Smart Drone’!

Deliveries can be made on time


The use of intelligent drone as a delivery solution improves DHL’s delivery capacity; With the new customer experience it will bring to the logistics sector, it will provide new opportunities for sustainable growth and contribution to the economy.

The use of drones in delivery services with the introduction of end-user delivery services (B2C) and delivery to end-users in China; it is seen as an important solution in terms of meeting the increasing timely delivery demands, especially in door-to-door delivery applications.

5 kg carrying capacity


EHang Falcon has eight propellers on all four arms, and intelligent and secure flight control modules. This drone includes features such as vertical take-off and landing, precise GPS and visual identification systems, intelligent flight route planning, full automatic flight and live network connectivity.

Drone capable of carrying a load of up to 5 kilograms per expedition, as fully automated and intelligent solutions, is able to travel between smart stations that allow autonomous loading and unloading of the shipped product. The stations connected with automated processes such as separation, scanning and storage of express shipments will also be able to perform functions such as face detection and ID scanning.

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