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DLSS support for the PC version of God of War from NVIDIA!

106 read — 09 December 2021 09:42
DLSS support for the PC version of God of War from NVIDIA!

DLSS support for the PC version of God of War from NVIDIA!

NVIDIA will offer DLSS support for performance and image quality improvement for games coming from PlayStation to computers.

Nowadays, the number of PlayStation games coming to computers is increasing day by day. Graphics card maker NVIDIA is also working to make PC versions of games better than console versions. For this reason, Horizon Zero Dawn will receive the DLSS package, while God of War will receive this feature along with a number of other graphics improvement packages.

NVIDIA improves image quality and performance with DLSS!

Starting today, users with a powerful graphics card from NVIDIA can play Horizon Zero Dawn on PC with the company’s DLSS technology. In this way, they can increase in-game frame rates without reducing image quality and resolution.

Thanks to this technology, gamers can play their games at high resolutions, at maximum settings, and even with ray tracing enabled, without losing too much framerate. Although Horizon Zero Dawn does not feature ray tracing, NVIDIA claims that DLSS can boost the game’s performance by up to 50 percent.

Coming to the re-release of God of War for PCs next year, the blockbuster game will receive a lot of changes and improvements when it launches from consoles. Alongside DLSS technology, NVIDIA will also introduce Reflex, which reduces latency.

Games will also have a full choice of graphics tweaks that allow players to turn on high-resolution shadows and resolutions. Moreover, thanks to the high frame rate, players will finally be able to experience God of War at 144 frames per second.

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