EMUI 9.1 Comes To Other Huawei Models

EMUI 9.1 Comes To Other Huawei Models

EMUI 9.1 Comes To Other Huawei Models


According to Huawei, the EMUI 9.1 interface will come to other models within a certain calendar.


The latest EMUI 9.1 software, which was previously available on HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro flagship smartphones, will be available on other Huawei models on the market.


EMUI 9.1 comes to other Huawei models


Huawei phones, which will start receiving updates in the near future, are listed as follows:


HUAWEI P20 (August to October)
HUAWEI P20 Pro (July-September)
Mate10 Pro (August to October)
Mate 9 (August to October)
P smart 2019 (August to October)
MATE 20 PRO (July-September)
P10 (August to October)
P10 Plus (August to October)
Mate 20 lite (July-September)
Among the new features that come with EMUI 9.1, EROFS offers a new super file system that offers improved file compression (memory gain of up to 1000 photos) and random file read performance up to 20 percent faster. Supporting the OneHop file transfer system, Huawei provides fast, easy and secure file transfers between phones and computers. With the new one-hand easy navigation, one hand is now idle and you will be able to navigate the menus very easily. EMUI 9.1 also supports many games with GPU Turbo 3.0 and uses up to 10 percent less energy than GPU Turbo 2.0. The new version offers more stable gaming performance and higher frame rate, while further boosting performance and reducing power consumption. With the new ses Incoming call video show mon, monotonous ringtones and interfaces go down in history. Users can display their own or third party videos for different contacts on the incoming call screen.


EMUI 9.1 Comes To Other Huawei Models

EMUI 9.1 Comes To Other Huawei Models

Before updating, users should pay attention to the following warnings:


1. Some third-party apps may not be compatible with Android 9.0 and may not work as expected after the update. In particular, collapse, freezing and excessive energy consumption can occur. In order to avoid these problems, you should check through the Google Play app store where all apps are up to date.
2. The smartphone must not be rooted.
3. Check that the phone has over 6 GB of free storage. Otherwise, the update may fail. Storage information on the phone can be checked in Settings> Storage.
4. Check that the phone has the original version number (original software). To check the EMUI version of the phone, go to Settings> System> Software Update> Check for Updates.
5.Update files are distributed gradually and it may take an average of one month to fully update a model.

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EMUI 9.1 Comes To Other Huawei Models
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