Enhanced Quantum Camouflage Capable of Infrared Cameras

Enhanced Quantum Camouflage Capable of Infrared Cameras

Enhanced Quantum Camouflage Capable of Infrared Cameras

Scientists have developed a new camouflage using samarium nickel oxide. This quantum camouflage can disable the detection capability of infrared cameras.

Infrared cameras have been in our lives for a long time. Infrared cameras, sometimes used in defense and sometimes in places where high security measures are taken, help to make the necessary determinations by means of temperature. The use of infrared cameras in temperature can sometimes help in detecting various disease states.

Scientists have now produced a new camouflage material. This camouflage disables the detection capability of infrared cameras. So if you use this quantum camouflage, you don’t get caught in infrared cameras. Scientists believe this material may be too important for privacy technologies. In fact, infrared cameras have been deceived in the past, but what makes camouflage unique is its quantum structure.

Enhanced Quantum Camouflage Capable of Infrared Cameras

Enhanced Quantum Camouflage Capable of Infrared Cameras

Developed by scientists working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Wisconsin-Madison University, Purdue University, and Brookhaven Laboratory, this quantum material takes advantage of the physical properties of materials and separates the temperature of the material from thermal light radiation. Infrared cameras cannot detect the material.

Scientists used samarium nickel oxide to produce this quantum camouflage. In fact, we cannot say that this article has a long history. Samarium nickel oxide was discovered a few decades ago, and has been a mysterious substance since its discovery. Scientists, especially in the last decade, have found that this substance is a good insulator in areas with oxygen separation and low oxygen.

Samarium nickel oxide is not the only property to be insulating in low oxygen environments. Scientists have found that this material can also be converted from the insulating state to the conducting state. Scientists suspect that such rare substances in nature may have the ability to decompose heat and thermal radiation.

Professor who made explanations on the subject. Mikhail Kats says that this discovery is not only about deceiving infrared cameras, but also the opportunity to develop new types of optics and even to improve themselves. Scientists now want to develop new infrared cameras and produce new technologies by adding new ones to this new discovery.

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