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Far Cry 5 cheats

110 read — 04 December 2021 13:50
Far Cry 5 cheats

Far Cry 5 cheats

We have gathered the cheats for Far Cry 5 that you can use on the PC platform under a single title. Here are the cheats of Far Cry 5 game…

Far Cry 5 includes a wide variety of cheats. Especially god mode, unlocking all weapons and more interesting codes are available. If you are looking for these codes, we share the list of all cheats for the PC platform in our content. Here are the Far Cry 5 cheats for the PC platform…

How to write a Far Cry 5 cheat?

Far Cry 5 cheats

There is a process you need to do to activate Far Cry 5 cheats. First of all, you need to activate a feature called ‘Developer Mode’. You can also do this like this:

  • Right-click on the game’s shortcut icon.
  • To edit it, click Properties and enter the ‘-DEVMODE-‘ command line as a parameter.
  • Click OK.
  • Use one of the following keys in the game to activate the relevant cheats.

Far Cry 5 cheats

Reduced speed
= increased speed
Backspace Starts God mode
F1 Switch to first person view
F10 Loads game to current location
F11 You get extra information on the screen
F2 Jump to next checkpoint
F3 Change spawn point
F4 Enable/disable cropping
F5 Return to default speed
F9 Save game in current location
O It gives +999 rounds
P Unlocks all weapons

Make sure you try these cheats after finishing the game. Because if you try the story mode while playing, it will upset the balance of your game. In addition, there are some console commands on the PC platform. First, press ~ to open the console window, and then enter one of the codes below:

Quick Load  \load_game
God Mode  god_mode_count=1
All Weapons   give_all_weapons=1
Archive level(Upload)  \map archive
Boat level(Install)  \map boat
Bunker level(Upload)  \map bunker
Carrier level(Upload)  \map carrier
Catacombs level(Download)  \map catacombs
Control level(Upload)  \map control
Cooler level(Download)  \map cooler
Dam level(Download)  \map dam
Factory level(Install)  \map factory
Fortress level(Install)  \map fort
Pier level(Upload)  \map pier
Rebellion level(Download)  \map rebellion
Regulator level(Download)  \map regulator
Research level(Download)  \map research
River level(Download)  \map river
Cloud level(Install)  \map steam
Swap level(Install)  \map swamp
Education level(Download)  \map training
Treehouse level(Download)  \map treehouse
Volcano level(Upload)  \map volcano

Currently, there are no cheats for Far Cry 5 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 consoles. Therefore, you can easily use the above codes in the PC version.

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