Free Barcode Generator – Barcode Creation Program (Downloadable Program)

Free Barcode Generator - Barcode Creation Program

Free Barcode Generator – Barcode Creation Program

Free Barcode Generator is free barcode creation and printing software that you will use permanently.

It has a unique function: you can print barcode label on ordinary A4 paper with laser or inkjet printer for office use, the effect will be better if adhesive label paper like Avery label paper is applied, and also support professional barcode.

It requires you to enter the content of hundreds of thousands of labels at once. You don’t have to deal with one by one. You can first enter barcode data in Excel or generate a series of barcode numbers automatically, then barcode labels are printed. The second unique function of the Barcode Generator is that the complex barcode label can be produced in collaboration between the Barcode Generator and MS Excel or Word. Shipping address, supplier information, company LOGO, etc. Some barcode labels, including the shipping label, contain a lot of content.

Professional barcode label design software is used to design and produce such labels. However, these software are expensive and complex. Now, Barcode Generator offers you a free and simple solution. Designing and producing such barcode labels with MS Excel or Word. Since most people have the ability to apply Excel or Word, it is not necessary to learn this complex and professional barcode label design software. Excel and Word are workable, and document format editing and printing functionality is very powerful. Complex and elegant label template can be produced with Excel or Word. With Barcode Generator, both expensive barcode printer and professional label design software are unnecessary. This program supports all 1D and 2D barcode formats such as EAN-13, UPC, GS1, Code 39, Code 128, ISBN, Data Matrix and QR Code.

Free Barcode Generator - Barcode Creation Program

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  • Size: 8.55 Mb
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  • Operating System: Windows
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