General Mobile Launches UK Market With Amazon

General Mobile Launches UK Market With Amazon

General Mobile Launches UK Market With Amazon

General Mobile has taken an important step in line with its growth strategy and has collaborated with Amazon UK.

Thanks to the “Prime Business Model” agreement with Amazon, all General Mobile products will reach UK users by November.

General Mobile launches UK market with Amazon

General Mobile, on the one hand while continuing to add value to Turkey while also taking significant steps in the direction of growth and investment strategy. General Mobile, which has signed a cooperation with Amazon, has strengthened its success in the global brand journey by including the UK in its export network thanks to its İş Prime Business Model “.

In 2018, with an investment of TL 100 million and a production capacity of 2.4 million units, General Mobile increased its production capacity to 4.2 million units in 2019 with an additional investment of TL 50 million. Adding Ukraine and Poland to its export network last year, General Mobile continues to take its place in the major European markets with the latest technology products.


General Mobile Launches UK Market With Amazon

General Mobile Launches UK Market With Amazon



Expressing the importance of their cooperation with Amazon General Mobile Deputy General Manager Şevket Karadayı, “Thanks to our strategic cooperation with Amazon, we have developed the latest technology products at affordable prices to meet users in the UK. In this sense, we started to operate in 36 countries in the international arena with the UK. Our goal is to increase the number of countries in which we operate as a strong player to 45 globally. ” Karadayı added that as a brand, export is an important part of growth strategies and added, ayı bazı We succeeded in becoming one of the top 5 brands in some countries where we export. Our aggressive growth strategy in international markets, as well as a Turkish brand to introduce our products to consumers in many countries worldwide as well as we want to provide added value to the export of Turkey. “He said.

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General Mobile Launches UK Market With Amazon
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