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God of War dev reveals that Kratos’ axe grows bigger when it’s in his hand


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God of War dev reveals that Kratos' axe grows bigger when it's in his hand

God of War dev reveals that Kratos’ axe grows bigger when it’s in his hand

An animator on 2018’s God of War has revealed a curious – intimate, even – little detail about everyone’s fondness tatted deity and his priority tool: Kratos’ axe gets approx 20% bigger when it’s in his hand, and we are all full-grown adults who find nothing funny about that at all.

Seriously though, now that I’ve satisfied my need to type stupid jokes at even the weakest opportunity, this is a composure foreknowledge into how game developers tweak the rules of their universe to be more appealing to the eye. PlayStation Studios animator Robert Morrison took to Twitter to share what he almost certainly never expected to be twisted for our perverted amusement.

In a private message, Morrison explained to me that developers use tricks like these “usually to give the best visual showing for any given camera probability or scenario. Helps to ‘frame the shot’ if you will.” It’s possible that other characteristic in the game were tweaked in a similar funds for perspective, like Kratos’ paddle for example, but Morrison isn’t 100% sure.

Hopefully, Morrison and other devs continue sharing similar secrets, but I’m afraid we might’ve squandered the right after this little stunt.

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