GRID 2 Is Now Free!

GRID 2 Is Now Free!


The GRID 2 was free for a short time for PC players.


With the release of the new GRID game, GRID 2 was free for PC players for a short time. Those who are interested can get a free copy on Steam.


GRID 2 is now free!


The game will be distributed free of charge until May 22, 20:00. If you add it to your library before this date, you will have the game. GRID 2 will allow players to be fast, first and famous.

Over the past four decades, automobile icons will be behind the wheel of the names selected by hand, and the three continents – America, Europe and Asia – will enter the new and evolving world of motorsport.

GRID 2 Is Now Free!

GRID 2 Is Now Free!

From Paris to Abu Dhabi, from Chicago to the sunny coast of California, beautiful city streets, licensed trails and mountain roads that will push you to the limits will host the most exciting and lively races you’ve ever seen.

GRID 2 will also set new standards in the multiplayer race experience with its completely different and comprehensive content and unique progression system.

The detailed integration of RaceNet, the online community portal of the Codemasters Racing games, which keeps track of detailed personalization options and the races, awards and competitors of the players, will provide full interaction and connectivity with GRID 2’s new world of motorsport.

You can find the relevant download page here.

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