GTA 6 comes with Vice City


GTA 6 comes with Vice City


GTA 6 comes with Vice City. According to a report, Rockstar Games is launching new GTA work. According to the report, GTA 6 will travel in Vice City and Liberty City. Let’s look at the details together.

PUBG Mobile TikTok video was viral! PUBG Mobile TikTok video was viral!
A funny and thought-provoking video about PUBG has been released. The video was watched by thousands of people in a short time. PUBG Mobile TikTok video was viral in a short time …Grand Theft Auto V is the last game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. This means that Rockstar Games will start GTA 6. The company usually begins to develop its new game after 6 years.

According to an anonymous report published on Pastebin, GTA 6 will pass in Vice City and Liberty City. These cities were used in the previous games, the city’s games were highly acclaimed.Eb The game will make you a drug lord. In Liberty City, you’ll find yourself in Vice City when you’re a thief with robberies and robberies. You’re going to join a gang here and do important things. You will work until you become a drug lord in Vice City, you will become the city’s ruler!.

Other information about the game published on the quality of some people will upset. The game will not be available on Xbox One and PS 4 platforms. Instead Rockstar Games will release the game to PS 5 console and new Xbox devices. The reason for this is the lack of RAM of the current devices.

That’s all the information about the game. GTA 6 will return with Vice City and the game will not be released to the current consoles. The likely release date of the game will be 2022/2023. The company is expected to bring Red Dead Redemption 2 to the PC beforehand.What are you thinking? Would it make you happy to return with GTA 6 Vice City? Have you played the last game in Liberty City? Specify in the comments.

GTA 6 comes with Vice City



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