How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?

How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?

How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?

The brain is the most energy consuming organ among all organs in the body. Why does the brain need so much energy? Duke and scientists from the University of Ottowa are working to find out the answer.
Russian chess player Anatoly Karpov became so weak that he struggled for the title at the 1984 World Chess Championship, where he had to retire. As Karpov lost about 10 kilograms during the 5-month championship, the organizers were concerned about his health and asked him to withdraw from the competition.

Anatoly Karpov is not alone in being exposed to the extreme physical effects of chess. ESPN says that although chess players do not suffer as much weight loss as Karpov, professional players can burn an estimated 6,000 calories a day. These 6,000 calories are burned just sitting down without getting up from the seat.

Is the brain responsible for all of this calorie burning? Is Karpov’s experience an easy way to lose weight? To answer this question, first you need to find out how much energy your brain uses when you don’t play chess.

When a person goes into a resting state or simply sleeps, the body uses 20 to 25 percent of the energy normally used when the body stops breathing, digestion, and other activities, except keeping himself warm. This amount means 350 to 450 calories for an average female or male.


How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?

How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?


In childhood, the brain uses more energy than in adulthood. “When a man is 5-6 years old, the brain can use 60 percent of the body’s overall energy, Doug said Doug Boyer, an evolutionary anthropology professor at Duke University.

This 60 percent energy use makes the brain the most energy-consuming organ in the body. However, the brain constitutes only 2 percent of the whole body weight. So how does this happen?

How does the brain use all this energy?

The human brain is not unique in this regard. Doug Boyer and Arianna Harrington of Duke University conducted a study on tree mice and dwarf marmosets to study energy use in mammalian brains.

The researchers found that although the bodies and brains of the two small mammals were lighter than humans, their brains were hungry for energy, just like humans. Boy If you have a large brain compared to your body size, your brain will probably use more energy, Doug said Doug Boyer, a researcher.


How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?

How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?


Arianna Harrington said that much of the energy that the brain uses is spent on communicating with each other via chemical signals transmitted through the cell structures of neurons called synapses. Rington Most of the energy is spent on synapse firing, Har says Harrington. This involves the transfer of ions between membranes, which are thought to be one of the most energy-consuming processes in the brain. ”

Scientists also state that the brain is not listened at all. When we sleep, the signals between cells continue to be transmitted to maintain the functions of our body, and this requires energy. At the same time, as the brain continues to develop in childhood, it is understandable that more energy is spent on the brain than in adult ages.

When does the brain consume more energy?

Does all this information mean that the more we work our brains, the more energy we’ll spend and the more calories we’ll burn? In fact, the answer is technically, yes for cognitively difficult tasks. The energy spent on something called a mental task can vary between people. In general, however, the energy spent on something newly learned is more than normal brain activity.

Scientists have determined that the brain spends more energy than it normally should to learn something new, but as it becomes more capable of performing that task, it consumes less energy. As the brain learns the task, it will no longer have to work as hard as it used to, and will not consume as much energy as it used to.


How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?

How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?


So should we increase eating sugary foods to get more energy when we’re trying to learn something new? If you want to eat something sugary to feel good, of course you can eat. However, if you think that this intensive consumption of sugar will make your brain work more, the answer is; no.

Claude Messier, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Ottowa in Canada, said that the brain’s use of this high amount of energy involves a small amount of energy needed to learn something new. Messier says, ın What we think the brain uses most of its energy is what we call altında under the hood.. We are not aware of most of the activities that take place in the brain, and most of these activities are not about conscious activities such as how to play the guitar or learn to play the guitar. ”


How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?

How Much Energy Does Our Brain Spend While Working?


Arianna Harrington of Duke University said, “The brain can transfer blood and, therefore, energy to the active sites. However, the total energy availability in the brain is thought to be constant. ” In other words, when we perform a difficult cognitive task, the energy use of the brain in general does not change even if there are significant increases in energy use in some parts of the brain.

How can Karpov’s weight loss be explained?

If Arianna Harrington’s statement is correct, how can we explain Anatoly Karpov’s great weight loss? The general idea of ​​Karpov’s weight loss is the reduction of food consumption due to stress. Distinguished chess players are under pressure that causes stress, which leads to higher heartbeat, faster breathing and sweating.

These effects generally cause more calories to be burned. At the same time, chess players may have to sit for 8 hours in a game, disrupting regular food balances. This is common in theater actors and musicians.

Then we come to the conclusion. First of all, unfortunately, just thinking or trying to learn something does not weaken us. However, you do not need to say no to a piece of extra chocolate when you need inspiration.


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