How the Porsche 911 got its name

How the Porsche 911 got its name

This incredible games vehicle was nearly called something very extraordinary.

The Porsche 911 is presumably the world’s most prominent games vehicle. From circuits and mountain streets to the expressways in the middle of, this deliberate machine has been charming drivers for about six decades.

Since its presentation, there have for all intents and purposes been more 911 models than there are pages on Wikipedia, from Carreras and Cabriolets to Targas and Turbos, in addition to a clothing list unique release vehicles. For hell’s sake, there are at any rate 20 distinct variations to browse today, which can make looking for another 911 somewhat befuddling.

In any case, where did this car symbol originate from and what does that three-digit name really mean? All things considered, there’s a significant fascinating backstory to this unbelievable games vehicle. It includes Volkswagen, the French and even Dr. Ferdinand Porsche himself.

For all the succulent subtleties on the Porsche 911, watch the video above.

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