How To Switch To ‘Dark Mode’ In Instagram?

How To Switch To 'Dark Mode' In Instagram?

How To Switch To ‘Dark Mode’ In Instagram?

Mod Dark Mode gel came to Instagram which is one of the most popular social media used worldwide. We explain step by step how to activate it for Android and iOS.

The popular photo and video sharing platform Instagram has finally officially launched the ‘Dark Mode’ era. Instagram can now be used with a dark theme on iOS and Android smartphones with ‘Dark Mode’ support. In order to use Instagram in ‘Dark Mode’ on your iPhone, your phone must have iOS 13.


How To Switch To 'Dark Mode' In Instagram?

How To Switch To ‘Dark Mode’ In Instagram?


For iPhone;

If you have an iPhone with iOS 13, you need to do the following in order to use ‘Dark Mode’;

First go to the settings menu

Then touch screen and brightness

Select ‘Dark Mode’ in the menu that appears

For Android;

If you are using a phone with Android OS, the following steps are as follows;

Firstly, locate and touch Instagram in the Google Play Store. Scroll down the page that appears, you will see the text to participate in the Beta version, then click the “Join” button.

After that, go back to the “My apps and games” menu, locate Instagram and tap the “Install” button.

After all, go to the main Settings menu of your phone and enter Night Mode or Dark Mode in the search field. Turn on the Night mode from the settings that you see and then start using Instagram in dark mode.

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