Huawei’s Sales Expected Sharp Decline

Huawei's Sales Expected Sharp Decline

Huawei’s Sales Expected Sharp Decline


Huawei’s sales are expected to fall sharply this year due to Trump’s bans.


Huawei Technologies Co., blacklisted by Trump management. international smartphone shipments are expected to decline by 40 percent to 60 percent.


According to sources close to the subject, China’s largest technology company is crumbling in domestic forecasts, and the latest model is looking for new options for the Honor 20 said.


Huawei expects sharp drop in sales


The product will begin selling in some parts of Europe on June 21, including France and the United Kingdom; however, executives who do not want their names mentioned will not observe the market and will terminate their orders if sales are lower than expected.


Two people on the subject, France’s two major companies already have problems with the Honor model, he said.


According to sources, Huawei‘s sales and marketing executives have observed volumes in the company’s in-house graphing work have dropped anywhere from 40 million to 60 million. This broad spectrum underlines the uncertainty that Huawei, who has repeatedly been denied by the company, has been dragged into Washington by Washington, which he claims to help Beijing under spying activities.

Huawei's Sales Expected Sharp Decline

Huawei’s Sales Expected Sharp Decline

In May, the US blacklisted Huawei from accessing the American parts and software it needed to continue its business.

This includes updates to the Google Android system, which powers all smartphones abroad. Without such software, products like Honor 20 cannot run critical applications such as Google Maps or Gmail.

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