Important Feature For Spotify Premium!

Important Feature For Spotify Premium

Important Feature For Spotify Premium!


If you don’t want to stop listening to your favorite artists, especially if you’re using music, your smartphone can be a perfect ally.


At the beginning of the year, Spotify has greatly improved its mobile app in terms of usage without paid subscription. In particular, a data recording mode and optionally any of the fifteen personalized playlists of any music to rest as much as desired. Thus, more than 40 hours of music on demand for approximately 750 songs can be played back.


Important Feature For Spotify Premium!



Paying subscribers should not be forgotten. So for Spotify Premium, the world leader in streaming music has today announced the deployment of some innovations. These include simplified navigation and personalized research by focusing on discovery and recommended genres.

However, the main novelty is related to the radios and the Endless Artist Radio feature for an endless listening flow according to the music tastes of the user who chooses his favorite artist. Customization is based on the same algorithms as the week’s discoveries and custom playlists. There is a regular update and download for offline listening.

The update is now distributed to all Spotify Premium subscribers on iOS and Android.

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