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Inventiveness takes its third trip on Mars


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Inventiveness takes its third trip on Mars

Inventiveness takes its third trip on Mars

The little helicopter showed up on Mars in February with the Perseverance wanderer

NASA’s small Ingenuity helicopter made its third effective trip on Mars early Sunday, and flew higher and quicker than it did in any event, when it was being tried on Earth. At about 1:31 AM ET, the helicopter rose 16 feet and flew 164 feet during its 80 second third flight, at a maximum velocity of 6.6 feet each second.

NASA got the flight information not long after 10AM ET. “The present flight was what we anticipated, but it was completely astounding,” NASA’s Dave Lavery said in a proclamation. “With this flight, we are exhibiting basic abilities that will empower the expansion of an ethereal measurement to future Mars missions.”

In its second mission on Thursday, Ingenuity made a 51.9-second flight, voyaging seven feet. For Ingenuity’s first trip on April nineteenth, the little specialty took 10 feet off the outside of Mars for 39 seconds.

Inventiveness showed up on Mars February eighteenth with its parent wanderer Perseverance, whose mission is to search for indications of life and take Martian soil tests. While Ingenuity isn’t the fundamental focal point of the Perseverance mission, its capacity to fly in Mars’ meager air will give information valuable to future investigations of Mars.

NASA says it’s arranging a fourth trip for Ingenuity in a couple of days.

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