Lamborghini to Launch New Car with Augmented Reality

Lamborghini to Launch New Car with Augmented Reality

Lamborghini to Launch New Car with Augmented Reality

Italian car maker Lamborghini is getting ready to meet car enthusiasts with the introduction of a new vehicle, which it announced will be a first. The company will launch its new vehicle Huracan EVO RWD Spyder on May 7 using Apple’s AR Quick Look technology.

When the coronavirus epidemic that influenced the world coincided with the launch dates of the companies, we witnessed very creative ideas and we continue to be apparently. The latest news came from the Italian automotive giant Lamborghini. The company has officially announced the details of its vehicle launch using augmented reality. According to information made by Lamborghini launch May 7, will take place on Thursday, Turkey clock via the official web site at 14:00 and Lamborghini will be the first car brand to launch a career that uses augmented reality.

Publishing an announcement on the subject, the company said, ÔÇťLamborghini uses augmented reality to introduce its new vehicle in the global emergency and quarantine period. Leveraging Apple’s AR Quick Look technology, the company brings the new V10 sports car directly to customers and fans worldwide. All you need is an iPhone or iPad ÔÇŁ. Let’s add that the AR Quick Look system does not work on Android devices and is available on Apple devices with iOS versions 11 and above. The system is also used on devices with processors A9 and above.

All details of the vehicle will be seen:

Lamborghini to Launch New Car with Augmented Reality

Car enthusiasts who go to the Lamborghini website via the required devices at the specified date and time will have the chance to see the new open-top vehicle closely by clicking the ‘See in AR’ button. This virtual experience, which will be experienced for the first time in the world for the automotive industry, will allow the fans of the brand to see the size of the new vehicle, including the scale of 1: 1, and to closely watch both internal and external details. In addition, images of the car can be saved if desired.

Emphasizing that Lamborghini pioneered new communication methods during this difficult period in the world, CEO of the company Stefano Domenicali stated that the team that contributed to the work was excited. Also, as reported by the company, this technology is not only in the Huracan EVO RWD Spyder very soon; will be used to display all Lamborghini vehicles.

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