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Lebanese Power Stations Shut Down as Crisis Deepens

86 Read — 10 July 2021 07:54
Lebanese Power Stations Shut Down as Crisis Deepens

Lebanese Power Stations Shut Down as Crisis Deepens

Lebanon is struggling with severe electricity and water shortages after two of the country’s main power plants ran out fuel, the latest manifestation of a financial crisis that shows little sign of ending.

Electricite Du Liban (EDL) said its stations in Deir Ammar and Zahrani – which together provide about 40% of the country’s electricity – were shut down Friday. Foreign correspondent banks have yet to approve transactions that will allow EDL to unload two fuel shipments waiting at port since last week, it said in a statement.

In separate comments, EDL in the eastern city of Zahle asked residents to reduce consumption, saying the “power supply has been cut across Lebanese territories indefinitely.”

Turkey’s Karpowership Resumes Electricity Supply to Lebanon

Lebanon has been reeling since late 2019 from its worst financial meltdown in decades. The currency has collapsed, driving inflation into triple digits and wiping out life savings. The government is bankrupt, has defaulted on its international debt and has failed to take the measures required to clinch international support.


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