Microsoft Confirms: Windows 10X Coming to Laptops

Microsoft Confirms: Windows 10X Coming to Laptops

Microsoft Confirms: Windows 10X Coming to Laptops

Dominating the computer industry in the operating system market for a long time, Microsoft has confirmed that the new version of Windows 10X, which will make life with the dual screen users easier, will be available on laptops.

Windows, which is the operating system of almost 90% of the computers in the world, is one of the biggest successes of the US based software company Microsoft. Windows, which was first released in 1985 and then passed more than 10 version updates, is now available with Microsoft Windows 10X.

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10X will come to laptops

Microsoft Confirms: Windows 10X Coming to Laptops

Microsoft has been making a significant income by selling this new operating system version, as the technology industry has experienced great improvements. With the decision taken in 2015, Microsoft implemented the idea of ÔÇőÔÇőgathering the necessary updates on a single version of Windows instead of dividing Windows into versions.

It is revealed that Microsoft, which continues its way with the Windows 10 operating system today, was working on an operating system for computers with two screens and a dual-screen Surface Neo laptop introduced last fall.

Verification from Microsoft today revealed that Windows 10X will not only be limited to Surface Neo, but can also be installed on laptops running the Windows 10 operating system. Now, the question is whether Windows 10 users can easily switch to Windows 10X operating system.

It is expected that Microsoft will carry out its activities digitally due to the coronavirus pandemic that has influenced our world, and will explain the details about Windows 10X in the Microsoft Build event that will be held on May 19-20. There is no clear information yet on how long a delay may occur due to coronavirus in Surface Neo, whose planned release date is the end of 2020.

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