NASA Disaster Scenario: What If a 260 Meter Asteroid Hits The Earth?

NASA Disaster Scenario What If a 260 Meter Asteroid Hits The Earth

NASA Disaster Scenario: What If a 260 Meter Asteroid Hits The Earth?


In his recent simulation study, NASA tried to figure out what would happen if a 260-meter asteroid came into the atmosphere and some of it fell to New York.


Lf there’s going to be a disaster in American cinema, if anything comes out of space, it’il be in America. Particularly in Nevada, New York and Washington, the city that draws from space as far away as alien. In short, if an action is taking place, this is definitely happening in the US.


In NASA‘s simulation, participants tried to deflect the giant asteroid from the path of the object before it hit the Earth. At this point, they were actually successful, but the imaginary asteroid was disintegrated and a piece with a diameter of 50-80 meters fell to New York.

NASA Disaster Scenario: What If a 260 Meter Asteroid Hits The Earth?

NASA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other federal agencies, participated in the study in April, in a period of eight years with a width of 260 meters tried to stop the stone. Experts who partially removed the stone, the fall of a piece of 50-80 meters could not be prevented. The so-called kinetic propellant, specially designed for the meteorite to change its trajectory, was partially successful.

According to the simulation, we are aware of the situation 10 days before the celestial body falls. The asteroid comes to the atmosphere at 19 kilometers per second. The answer to the question of what happens when a football field falls as far as the stone world is very obvious: a few atomic bombs have fallen into New York. But she’s a little too many. 5 to 20 megatons of energy are generated at the time of the collision. How much energy did the atomic bombs thrown into Hiroshima and Nagasaki? 0.04 megatons. So the difference is at least 125 times.

The only way to get rid of such a disaster is to completely empty the city of New York. Insurance companies will be pretty upset, but nothing to do.

NASA says that the risk of such an event is very low, but they do this work to be prepared in any case. Another aim of the study is to prepare official institutions against possible disasters.

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