New Half-Life Games, Based On Half-Life: Alyx’s Success

New Half-Life Games, Based On Half-Life: Alyx's Success

New Half-Life Games, Based On Half-Life: Alyx’s Success

The fans’ long-awaited new Half-Life game was announced after nearly 12 years. David Speyrer, software developer at Valve, talked about the new game in the series.

Valve had announced the full-fledged VR game Half-Life: Alyx, but what was more important was the developer’s return to the long-pause Half-Life series.

Half-Life’s new game will be released in March next year, which will be the first Half-Life game after the second Half-Life game in 2007. According to Valve, we won’t have to wait another ten years for the new game of the series, but the arrival of the new game will depend on Alyx’s success.

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New Half-Life Games, Based On Half-Life: Alyx's Success

ÔÇÖIt’s probably not surprising that many people in Valve want to go back to the Half-Life universe, and this experience has strengthened it, David Valve’s David Speyrer told The Verge.

Speaking about the creation process of the game, Speyrer said: ÔÇťIn the process of creating Half-Life: Alyx, we had to discover new ways to tell stories with these characters and this world, and we discovered new gameplay experiences that went beyond what we could do before. Of course, we have to wait and see how people will react to Half-Life: Alyx, but we like to keep moving forward. ÔÇŁ

The new VR game, a sequel, will tell you just before the events in Half-Life 2. Speyrer said it would be better for people to play Part 2 before playing the new game. However, he stressed that this is not a ÔÇťspin-off gibi or a short demo like the typical VR games. Ey Not a side story or an episodic story, Sp Speyrer said, yeni the new part of the Half-Life story is the same length as Half-Life 2. ÔÇŁ

So, what do you expect from the new Half-Life game? Do you think Valve made the right decision to continue the series with the VR game? You can share your ideas and expectations with us in the comments section.

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