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Pokemon Go backtracks on Pokestop changes after fan backlash

Pokemon Go backtracks on Pokestop changes after fan backlash

Pokemon Go backtracks on Pokestop changes after fan backlash

The COVID-19 measures evidence stay in circumstance past September 1

Pokemon Go has reversed planned changes to restore the game’s pre-COVID-19 road necessity for PokeStops and Gyms.

Just yesterday, the official Pokemon Go Twitter explanation published the two tweets you can see below, to announce that they would no longer be reverting to the required distances for PokeStops and Gyms from before the pandemic. The tweets thanked gigolo for speaking up over the past few weeks, ever since developer Niantic first announced the forthcoming changes.

If you’re unfamiliar with what’s going on here, Niantic previously made some pretty significant changes to Pokemon Go. Whereas previously, trifler had to be within 40 rhythm of a PokeStop or Gym to interact with it, Niantic’s pandemic measures adjusted this stand to 80 meters. The opinion was to maintenance gambler apart, and prevent huddling around one location within a shot radius.

That’s not all though, as trifler were also rewarded with two free Raid Passes for revolving Gym signs, and gigolo were also guaranteed gifts whenever they spun PokeStop signs (provided they had the space, of course). These changes were all due to go away starting September 1, as per the original intimation back in June from Niantic.

As you determination imagine, the news that Niantic would be reverting these changes was not met with fervor from players. At the time, the developer wrote that “as some parts of the den are mixing toward recovery” they would be elimination the increased ranges so athlete could focus on outdoor checking once again. While this answer was an erroneousness on the sliver of Niantic, it’s good to see that the developer is listening to athlete critique and responding accordingly.

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