Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, as the content provider and data responsible on our site and through which personal data is collected, used, who can be shared with whom, what rights the users have, how they can use them and Cookies are prepared to give information about cookies.

Persons and organizations that send, use, subscribe, access, comment, display, image, video, images, photos, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “User”) on this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy. terms are accepted.
The changes and updates to be made by the Company in this Privacy and Personal Data Policy shall be deemed to be effective as of the date of publication on our Website. We therefore recommend that the User review this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy before the visit to our Website and that any changes and / or corrections made by the User are taken into account by the User.

1. Collection of Personal Data

1.1. It is not necessary for the User to share their personal data to view and visit our Website. However, if the User wishes to participate, utilize or utilize any of the features and services offered by our Website, it may be requested to provide a variety of personal and / or demographic data.

1.2. The term personal data used in this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy; refers to data intended to identify the User directly or indirectly, including, but not limited to, information given by name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, age, sex and the User’s consent to be shared through the accounts in the event that the User is connected with social media accounts. .

1.3. The personal data that the user submits to the Company will be processed for the purposes set out below and will in no case be used beyond the intended purpose. Personal data of the user; To provide a better service by the company, to answer the questions of the user and to provide an effective customer service, to contact when necessary, to send publications, to send newsletters by e-mail or to make notifications, to create a membership account on behalf of the User, to ensure the continuation and improvement of the services provided, re-achieving historical information, identifying the areas of interest of the user, conducting and developing operational activities such as business development, marketing, communication with the collected data, providing the user with easier access to the site through existing social network accounts, fulfilling our obligations arising from the law and other legislation, statistical studies and market research, to create a database can be processed for purposes such as.

1.4. Personal data and navigation, traffic information and Internet Protocol (IP) address; in accordance with applicable legislation, in accordance with applicable legislation, in order to fulfill our obligation under the security and law (in cases where we have an obligation to provide legal or administrative notification or information, including but not limited to the threat of crime and state and public security) In the event that it comes, it will share with relevant institutions and organizations.

1.5. Personal data of the user; natural or legal persons who process data on behalf of; communication forms, consumer complaint forms, social networks, internet site, miscellaneous contracts, mobile applications, e-mail, application forms, bulletins, including, but not limited to, oral, written, automated or non-automated means, will be collected.

1.6. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided by the user is correct and complete. Inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information; Our site,, will have no responsibility and therefore the obligation to compensate the damages will be fully owned by the User.


The personal data of the user may be shared with our affiliated companies such as, directly and / or indirectly, in accordance with the legislation in force for the purposes mentioned above, as well as those mentioned in the ; our business partners, our business contacts, performance assistants and subcontractors, and in accordance with the purpose of the service we offer or regulatory supervisory agencies and in the cases stipulated by the legislation on official authorities, in Turkey and / or abroad. User upwards of personal data

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