Realme’s New Wireless Headset Buds Pro is produced

Realme's New Wireless Headset Buds Pro is produced

Realme’s New Wireless Headset Buds Pro is produced

The new member of the wireless headset series of Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme has appeared. The new wireless headset, which is called Realme Buds Pro, comes with its water and dust resistance as well as being budget oriented.

Discovering the increase in the number of users who use the wireless headphones of the headphone manufacturers with their smartphones, the smart phone manufacturers started developing and launching their own wireless headphones a few years ago. In this process, in which Apple and Samsung are prominent with successful products in the field of wireless headphones, popular headphones from other smartphone manufacturers have also started to come.

Thanks to its success in the industry, Realme, which has become a brand of its own, not being a sub-brand of China-based smartphone manufacturer OPPO, is one of the companies that dominates the budget-oriented smartphone market by adding a new one to the price / performance oriented smartphones it produces. Realme, who already included the Buds Air wireless headset with a price tag of 80 usd, appeared to be working on a new wireless headset model.

Wireless headset Realme Buds Pro appeared.

Realme's New Wireless Headset Buds Pro is produced

In addition to the Apple Airpods rival Buds Air, Realme, which also has a more budget-oriented wireless headset, lists this headset on the shelves at a price close to 8 USD. Realme Buds Pro, which appeared in the certificate records issued by Taiwan’s National Communications Commission, distinguishes itself by being an improved version of Realme Buds.

Realme Buds Pro, which also has photos in the records, is listed with the model number RMA208. The most noticeable change at first glance is that the Micro USB port used in Realme Buds is replaced by the new generation USB Type-C in Realme Buds Pro. The round space next to the charging socket indicates that this headset will have a feature not found in the previous model Buds.

Realme's New Wireless Headset Buds Pro is produced

The rounded recess next to the USB Type-C port is more like the place of a cover that has the function of completely closing the charging socket. The positioning of the charge inlet also supports the possibility of attaching a cover to this area. Accordingly, we can expect Realme Buds Pro to come with a water and dust resistance certificate. Unfortunately, there is no official announcement about the launch date or price of Realme Buds Pro, which is expected to come with new drivers powered by 11.2 mm powered bass.

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