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Ricky Martin says he has ‘PTSD’ from 2000 Barbara Walters talk with: ‘I felt abused’

262 read — 03 June 2021 09:02
Ricky Martin says he has 'PTSD' from 2000 Barbara Walters talk with: 'I felt abused'

Ricky Martin says he has ‘PTSD’ from 2000 Barbara Walters talk with: ‘I felt abused’

Ricky Martin is opening up about the enduring impacts of a damaging meeting with Barbara Walters, where the writer requested that he address his sexuality on public TV.

During the 2000 meeting, Walters encouraged Martin to “stop these bits of hearsay” and characterize his sexuality. “You could say, ‘Yes I am gay or no I’m not,'” the then-ABC anchor begged. Martin answered, “Barbara, for reasons unknown, I simply don’t feel like it.”

“At the point when she dropped the inquiry, I felt disregarded in light of the fact that I was simply not prepared to come out. I was extremely apprehensive,” Martin, 49, revealed to People Wednesday, in a meeting distributed during Pride Month.

The vocalist uncovered that he experiences “PTSD,” posttraumatic stress issue, coming from the notorious meeting with Walters. As per Mayo Clinic, PTSD is an emotional well-being condition that is set off by a startling occasion.

Martin came out freely 10 years after the fact in 2010. That very year, Walters communicated lament for her “unseemly” lead during their meeting.

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“In 2000, I pushed Ricky Martin difficult to concede on the off chance that he was gay or not, and the manner in which he would not do it caused everybody to conclude that he was,” Walters revealed to The Toronto Star in 2010. “A many individuals say that obliterated his profession, and when I recollect it now I feel it was an improper inquiry.”

USA TODAY connected with Martin and Walters for input.

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Martin said he was “simply not prepared to come out” at that time since “sexuality is something convoluted,” taking note of “how befuddling fascination can be.”

“It’s not highly contrasting,” he revealed to People Wednesday. “It’s loaded up with colors. At the point when I was dating ladies, I was infatuated with ladies. It felt right, it felt delightful. You can’t phony science – the science was there with them. I wasn’t deceiving anybody.”

The Puerto Rican artist added that “you can’t drive somebody to come out,” contrasting the situation with an egg: “On the off chance that you have an egg and you open it from an external perspective, just demise comes out. Yet, on the off chance that the egg opens up from within, life comes out.”

Notwithstanding the meeting, Martin has contemplated whether he would have addressed Walters in an unexpected way.

“A many individuals say, what might you do another way?” Martin said. “Indeed, perhaps I would have turned out around there. It would’ve been extraordinary in light of the fact that when I came out, it just felt astonishing. With regards to my sexuality, with regards to who I am, I need to discuss what I’m made of, about all that I am. Since, in such a case that you conceal it, it’s a decisive circumstance.”

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