Rivers were discovered 3.7 billion years ago on Mars

Rivers were discovered 3.7 billion years ago on Mars

Rivers were discovered 3.7 billion years ago on Mars

Scientists continue their work on the unknown of Mars. A recent study found that the red planet hosted streams billions of years ago.

Researchers resorted to a number of images to examine some of the rocks on Mars and to determine when the surface of the water was on the surface of the planet. According to the study published in Nature, the results are new and highly detailed images, allowing scientists to read the ‘rocks’ of the planet and find the first evidence that rivers existed 3.7 billion years ago.

Based on images and data, scientists determined that water has existed on the surface of the planet for 100 thousand years. The image and topography used by the researchers were recorded by the HiRISE camera of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. Thanks to this, a crater in the southern hemisphere of the red planet was examined.

Mars hosted rivers billions of years ago:

Rivers were discovered 3.7 billion years ago on Mars

“This is not like reading a newspaper, but extremely high resolution images allowed us to” read “the rocks as if they were standing very close to the cliff,” Francesco Salese, from the International School of Planetary Science Research in Italy, pointed to the rocks.

The crater that scientists have been working on for a long time stands out as one of the biggest craters in the solar system. So much so that the length of the crater is about 9 kilometers. In the images, you can see the traces of a large lake on the rock, rivers, deltas and canals, which are stated to be at a depth of meters.

Traces of streams 3.7 billion years ago on the red planet:

Rivers were discovered 3.7 billion years ago on Mars

While the rivers are expressed in some ways similar to those on Earth, the researchers noted that the streams on Mars constantly change the waterway by creating a beach, similar to the Rhine or the rivers north of Italy.

The water on the red planet is thought to be caused by weather events such as rain on earth. This development shows that there was a significant amount of water on the planet’s surface billions of years ago, together with the discoveries made about the presence of water on Mars.

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