Samsung Galaxy Fold Began To Fall

Samsung Galaxy Fold Began To Fall

Samsung Galaxy Fold Began To Fall

Since its introduction, the Samsung Galaxy Fold with foldable screen, which has been struggling with problems and is therefore not available for sale, is now shedding.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first phone with a foldable screen, was withdrawn from the sale due to problems with the folding mechanism and its release was postponed. Recently announced that the phone will be available again in the beginning of the phone is now in trouble with a new problem.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is shedding this time

According to the problem shared by a Twitter user, the Samsung article on the Samsung Galaxy Fold is shed. This problem is not too big, but it is a very expensive phone for a user who gives so much money seems to be a serious inconvenience.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Began To Fall

Samsung Galaxy Fold Began To Fall

The photo shared by the user shows the Samsung A and U letters. Samsung did not make an official statement.

If you are interested in the Galaxy Fold, the preview video below will give you an idea.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Began To Fall
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