Send Your Name To Mars

Send Your Name To Mars

Send Your Name To Mars


NASA’s Mars mission in 2020, the name of Mars Send ‘project, Turkey was the country showing the greatest interest.


The eden Send Your Name to Mars başlat project launched for the Mars mission in NASA 2020 attracted great attention from many countries. Turkey was the country showing the greatest interest.


Send your name to Mars!


The project he launched for the Mars mission at NASA 2020 drew great attention on social media. NASA had launched the ‘name of Mars Send’ campaign to show maximum participation in the ranking of countries Turkey, took first place. The American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will send a new Rover spacecraft to our nearest neighbor in the Solar system in 2020. NASA has launched a campaign called Send Your Name to Mars.

Send Your Name To Mars

Send Your Name To Mars

Thanks to this campaign, visitors to the web page will fill in the form and will be placed in the spacecraft. After completing the form, a boarding card for the Mars mission in 2020 is given. The shape of the card is designed by simulating the same flight tickets,

Deadline for application 30 September


NASA will look for ancient microbial life forms on the red planet with its unmanned tracker tool developed in Mars 2020. The new vehicle, which was developed as a continuation of the Curiosity spacecraft that landed in Mars in 2012 and is expected to be sent into space in July or August 2020, will also collect stone and soil samples above and below the surface of Mars. Records will last until September 30th.

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Send Your Name To Mars
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