Something Super Is Coming From NVIDIA!

Nvidia calls PC Players to Fight Corona Virus

Something Super Is Coming From NVIDIA!


NVIDIA recently shared a video on the GeForce YouTube channel. The video that uses the slogan ÔÇťSomething super is coming! Da is the subject of curiosity.


Something super is coming,, he wondered, in a video recently released by NVIDIA via the GeForce YouTube channel. There is no clue as to what the “super” logo belongs to in the video. A super video card or a super software, it’s hard to predict right now. We have evaluated all the predictions about the product that was expected to be introduced recently.


Something Super Is Coming From NVIDIA!


NVIDIA recently released a promotional video called Ge ÔÇťSuper tan─▒t─▒m on the GeForce YouTube channel. This video does not provide any concrete information, but the estimates suggest that the company will launch a new product. Whatever is mentioned in this video, the announcement is expected to become clear at ComputexÔÇÖ19 or E3 2019. Iyor A super thing is coming! Kons used in the slogan of a new video card, the player laptop, perhaps even a handheld console is said to be. However, the strongest and most realistic of these claims is the product; GeForce is a new model that will come into the RTX series. Perhaps we may be able to see a new Titan series video card.

Something Super Is Coming From NVIDIA!

Something Super Is Coming From NVIDIA!

According to another unspecified rumor, the company will provide more performance by adding faster memory to the GeForce RTX series. This will result in a performance increase of at least 14%. Of course, this information is not just a rumor and has not been finalized yet. We will continue to share new details and official information with our esteemed readers.

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